CUSO-VSO is an established organisation with lots of experience sending volunteers overseas to fill crippling gaps in the workforce. In order to continue the pursuit of sending educated professionals to integrate and educate, CUSO-VSO asks volunteers to fundraise, with a goal of $2000. Importantly, any donation made will be multiplied 10-fold by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency); i.e., you donate $1 and CIDA donates $9.  So your donation really counts, however small or large! It’s tax deductible in Canada and the US!

This blog will be an integral part of my fundraising strategy, so if you feel you can help out, please click here to donate. For Americans, you can click here. When donating, please enter my name under the heading “Name of specific volunteer you are supporting” (i.e., Margaret Graves).  Under the heading “Can we share your donation information with the volunteer you are supporting?”, please click “Yes, share my donation information with the volunteer” – only then will the donation be added to my total.

In February, I plan to run a half-marathon around the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. I’ll keep you all updated as I attempt to train, and will be soliciting sponsorship at some point, on behalf of VSO Tanzania, who will be entering a team.

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  1. Thank you so much for the support, you’re rllaey helping out the cause. I would love to come to the Gala but getting over there is a slight problem. I will surely be submitting films in the future. Let’s keep in contact and thanks again.


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